Cruising Helpers

Great tips for the Cruise you are planning.

Most traveling on cruise ships is done by considering many thoughts.

1.Destinations and ports of call
2.Cost of trip
3.Number of days included

Many other considerations get left out

1.Unmentioned added costs on board
2.Attire sometimes required which is sometimes not prepared for properly
3.Expenses, when in ports of call

In each of the left out areas, I would like to address them separately since they need special attention.

1.In the fine print and at times clumped into an unspecified sum, are added costs. This can be tips, which are expected at a certain rate, which are not necessarily according to the type of service rendered on board. This amount is at times just figured into the total cost of the trip. Make sure you don’t pay twice for this. Check before hand if dining tips, bar tips and room maid service all included in the total.

2.Formal dining can sometimes be omitted until the jacket is required to enter for that dining event. No only should the men be ready with suitable attire with a jacket, but ready to pay if they don’t. Some ships provide a jacket for use on that specific occasion for a fee. Women will most likely get by with a long dress or skirt and some allowances for a pant suit that is dressy will be permitted to allow for the formal dining experience. A woman might do well to pack at least one formal wear item so some comfort can be achieved.

3.Ports of call are part of the cruise, except once on land everything is out of pocket. Some cruise ships have packages, so check to see if those suit your “off the ship” . They must be prearranged as well as paid for beforehand, most often times.

Depending on where you are traveling, some needs might be considered for packing and travel. I would suggest:

1.A light wind breaker or a possible cool night on deck

2.A collapsible mesh bag for shopping convenience

3.Small bills for tips $1’s and $5’s. American money still is appreciated if you don’t have native tender.

4.Get written prescriptions for any medicines you regularly take. This might be needed at customs. At times random checks might be done embarking at ports of call. Find out before hand if a photo copy will suffice for those.

5.Even though this is a time to want to show off prized jewelry, consider vaults when you are not wearing those precious gems

6.Bring extra batteries for cameras and other equipment, that you might need while you are cruising

7.Print out or leave in computer, your itinerary for family and house sitter

8.If you are prone to sea or motion sickness, address these needs with your doctor before departing so you can totally enjoy your trip

9.Bring a small handbag or fanny pack rather than your normal sized purse or pocketbook. This will give you almost hands free comfort.

10.Buy small sized toilet article items that can be used while away so the bulkiness of regular shampoo etc. won’t be packed.