The Hotel Made of 200,000 Access Cards (Photo)

Holiday Inn Hotel Key Card in New York was built by the eccentric artist Bryan Berg of 200 000 access cards, collected from hoteliers who were going to get rid of them.

Hotelul confectionat din 200.000 de carduri de acces (FOTO)

To mark the relaunch of Holiday Inn hotel chain, which owns 1,200 buildings the company opened its first hotel in plastic cards, in Manhattan, New York. It consists of a guest room, a bathroom and a hallway inside the furniture is arranged in size, made all the cards.

Bryan Berg, who set a record with his first house of cards at the age of 17 years, in 1992, said it was the most demanding project of his, because never before has created human-scale structures. Hotel Key Card has been opened for visitors from 17 until 21 September. During the five-day event, Bryan Berg has built a replica of the Empire State building, inside the eccentric hotel.