Traveling Lite: Keeping Your Amenities to a Minimum

For the long term traveler, every ounce counts. Many days you will spend lugging your 25Lb bag around for hours on end while you search for your hostel, a taxi or the airport. These tips will help you save space and weight when it comes to your gear.
I hate dead weight. I look at everything in my bag and think; how can I trim the fat? When it comes to hygienic amenities I have some tricks up my sleeve. Cut your toothbrush in half. It may seem pointless, but imagine cutting 10 articles in half? How many pounds and how much space can that save you?

Size matters… When it comes to traveling at least. Always buy the mini toiletries. Buy mini deodorants. Mini toothpaste. Mini cologne. Mini everything. Cut your soap in half. Don’t bring a full bottle of lotion. If you must bring lotion at all, put it in a small bottle which will be just enough for your trip.

Pay attention to what you bring. Before you just start cramming things in your bag, lay it all out. Look at everything you’re taking and think about the following things: How often will I use this? Will I use it every other day? Once a week? Daily? Also consider, what’s the worst that would happen if I don’t bring it? Can I wash my hair with bar soap for a few weeks? Can I shave with one disposable razor? Without shaving cream? Can I go without shaving? Do I really need to moisturize my hair/skin/face?

All these questions should be asked and answered as you pack. Keep in mind that when you travel you can also purchase things. You may only need something once, why bring it with you? If it’s cheap and you were going to buy it before you left, just wait until you arrive.

Versatility is key. Trim the fat off all your belongings. Do I need to take the bag I keep my toiletries in? Or can I just put them in a zip lock bag? Do I need to take medicine for a month when i’ll only be gone for 2 weeks? Is bringing a hair dryer necessary when I’ll be in a hotel which will have one?

As a recap ask yourself the following questions to save weight in your traveling amenities.

Can I Reduce the size of this product? (Cut it in half, take a smaller amount, etc.)

Will I use this product daily?

Can I purchase this product while I’m traveling?

What would happen if I didn’t take this product?

Hopefully this guide has helped you shave some weight off your load. Remember that it may seem trivial at first, but shaving a few ounces here and there can add up to quite a few pounds. Pounds your body will thank you for.